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Approximately 21 days old

Beating the extreme cold

Love among these siblings

Is so warm and untold!!



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Math memes

There’s always some hope!
Lazy eight!

Half is not 1/2 in mom’s Mathematics
Just being discrete!
#matlab #stories



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कुछ न कुच्छ

कुछ बातें कुच्छ लोग

कुछ तस्वीरें कुछ रोग

कुछ गाने कुच्छ किस्से

कुछ पूरा कुछ हिस्से

कुछ तेरा कुछ मेरा

कुछ उथला कुच्छ गहरा

कुछ सर्द कुछ गर्म

कुछ खुर्दुरा कुछ नर्म

कुछ भूत कुछ वर्तमान

कुच्छ भिक्षा कुछ दान

कुच्छ नया कुछ पुराना

सब दिन जात न एक समाना।



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{Last post of twenty twenty

Maybe the second last

Maybe I could find something to write upon

In remaining three days too}

Right now my heart is full

For the amazing year that it was

Though many people lost their dears

And so called normalcy was gone

I learnt to fight my tears and fears

And used this time to work upon..

The year was for inward journey

Which I started at least

Savoured the nature’s delicacies

Every day, full on the feast..

This year I realized for the first time

That the body heals, the mind too

All you need is time

And this feeling is so sublime..

I felt the intelligence of life

With each passing breath

And it was kind of breathtaking

To be peaceful, alive and kicking..

Grateful for the shelter, the work,

The food, air, water, sun and the moon

Graeful for the birds, the dogs, the flowers

And a heart, healing and on the bloom..



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December evenings are just special

The sunsets feel warmer and

so much on the mission of blowing up

the minds of the mortals..

The ether is too magical to inhale

and tepid to bathe the body and mind

The magnificent colors are vibrant enough

to manage the vibgyor of your life..

When I look up I understand

Why they say God lives up there

For this creation, is the only creator

God is the warmth, God is the December..



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Love in December

एक वक़्त था जब तुमने ज़िक्र किया था

की कैसे तुम घंटो रेलवे स्टेशन पे बैठे रहते थे

कभी अकेले कभी दोस्तों के साथ

आते जाते लोगों को देखते, समझते, परखते।

कितना सही वक़्त गुज़रता था

ट्रेन की आवाज़, स्टेशन की announcements

वो एकदम का शोर और एकदम की शान्ती

याद करते हो, अभी भी आज भी।।

तुमने ज़िक्र किया था कि कैसे ट्रेन की बात से

तुम्हे एक नाटक याद आता है

जो तुमने, कभी कहीं, देखा था

हिन्दी ड्रामा था, पर नाम अंग्रेज़ी था।

Love in December

तुमने कहा था कभी ज़रूर देखना

वो बात खत्म हो गयी, कुछ एक दो महीने बाद

किसी फुर्सत में मैने भी वो नाटक देखा

खूबसूरत था, बहोत।।

उसका टाइटल सॉंग तो और भी मीठा था

मतलब फ़ेवरिट ही बन गया, जबसे सुना है

अब जब भी दिसंबर आता है

तो ये सब याद आ जाता है।

ये बात करीब 1401km दूरी पर हुई थी

जून की वो रात शोर में सुकून लिये खड़ी थी

अब जब भी तारीख पढ़ती या लिखती हूं

दिसंबर के मायने कुछ बदले हुए देखती हूँ ।।



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What is abstract

Or subtle

Or esoteric

Its difficult to explain

But easy to feel

This dimension of life

Unknown though

But surely exists

How a song sometimes

Takes your breath away

And how some voice

Brings back the life..

How you dont understand anything

But just feel beyond words

How you want to get dissolved

And crystallize yourself..



P.S. I heard this song as a BGM in some video and this was mind blowing. The words are so powerful. Could not resist writing them in my way💥 Tried abstract art for the first time.

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Sadhguru’s Wisdom

Today Sg quoted these. The essence is to move towards the concious life❤




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Ginger tea

काम निपट गया सज गयी रज़ाई

शनिवार की रात और अदरक की चाय

अजब सुकून है और गुनगुनाने वाली रात है

करना काम ही है, पर आज कुछ अलग बात है।।

Celebrating every moment, loving my life

Counting on them, my blessings are rife

Waking up everyday, with grace profound

Closing it with chai and music around!!



blog Indian Army poetry


You sacrificed the pleasures and leisures

You burnt the midnight oil

Left no stone unturned

Did the utmost toil..

You grew your dream

Rooted in unmatched perseverance

Watered with discipline

Manured with perfect amount of resilience..

And with a dash of never say die spirit

A hero had taken shape, out of a man

Unlike the ones in story books, but

Much real than the heroes of fiction..

A hero, everyone is so proud of

Who is living everyday on the edge

Away from the family and friends

Giving his all to the motherland..

Protecting and honoring the nation

Awake and vigilant on the altitudes

Healing the lives he is coming across

And creating many future preludes..